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Visit Us For The Best Experience With Sea Life In Honolulu

Whale Watching In Hawaii

If you’re looking to explore the amazing world of sea life, Honolulu is the perfect destination and is home to a diverse array of sea creatures. Commonly seen water life include triggerfish, yellow tang, and Moorish idols among others! These brightly colored fish are often found near coral reefs, where they feed on algae.

Other residents of Honolulu’s waters include turtles, dolphins, and sharks. While most sharks are not dangerous to humans, they are an important part of the ocean ecosystem.

Honolulu’s ocean is also home to a variety of invertebrates, including crabs, lobsters, and octopuses. These creatures play an important role in the food chain, serving as both predators and prey. Honolulu’s ocean is a bustling community of sea life that offers something for everyone to enjoy, and Hawaii Ocean Charters is the best way to view them!

What is the best way to see ocean creatures?

Our catamaran tours are the best way to experience everything Honolulu has to offer in sea excursions that are unique, inspiring, and specific to your party’s fun! You can bring up to 6 people on your sea life tour on our famous 30-foot power catamaran named Keanuenue.

It is the perfect family and friends coastal cruiser that can still reach higher speeds, offering both range and comfort for your fun daytime, sunset, or sunrise tour. Its multi-hull design offers unmatched stability in Hawaii’s adventurous ocean and will never “slam” against the waves as normal powerboats do.

We have plenty of seating, lounging, and shaded areas for your maximum comfort. Our catamaran has all the amenities you could possibly want while cruising Honolulu’s crystal blue waters, peering down into the water to see the fish, rays, and turtles just meters below you!

Keanuenue is equipped with a bluetooth sound system, large iced down cooler, snorkel gear, and swimming flotation. Our amazing vessel has everything you need for a fun day watching for sea life, from dolphins to whales! If you’re looking to snorkel with sea turtles and explore the Waikiki coastline and all it has to offer, Hawaii Ocean Charters is perfect for you.

What is the best time of year to visit sea life in Honolulu?

We are at our best year round, given that this is Hawaii! However, if you’re looking to whale watch in particular, our Humpback season is December through May, where we run official whale watches from January through March of each year.

You may very well see whales weeks before and after those months, so if you’re in Honolulu and you want to try to see whales, we recommend booking a tour. There are still plenty of turtles, dolphins, fish, and sea birds that will always be around no matter the season in Hawaii.  We do recommend that you bring your snorkeling gear or a swimsuit so your excursion is never wasted. You can dive in to see our colorful tropical fish, explore the ocean floor, and paddle next to a sea turtle even if the whales are elsewhere.

What happens if it’s raining?

Hawaii is known for being rainy on one side of the island and sunny on the other. Our captain will know whether it is safe to go boating, and will advise you as soon as the forecast calls for any cancellation, but it’s rare that we have to postpone due to weather.

We sometimes run into rain when we are sailing, but as long as our seas are not rough or there isn’t a thunderstorm, you can still enjoy the waters off our beautiful coasts. We are on the leeward side of the island which is known for its calmer waters, so bring your swimming and snorkeling gear, and dive in!

Conversely, most of the time, it’s bright and sunny. This means you will need to ensure your skin is protected from sunburn. Be advised that Hawaii recently passed a bill that has prevented the sale and use of sunscreen products that contained oxybenzone and octinoxate due to their threat to the Coral Reefs. Make sure you purchase your sunscreen with ingredients that are allowed in our waters. Alternatively, you can purchase hats and super lightweight long sleeve shirts that prevent UV rays from penetrating to your skin but are cool and breathable.

Hawaii Ocean Charters Provides Adventures of a Lifetime

Explore the vibrant sea life off Honolulu, Boy Jumping From Keanuenue Hawaii with our incredible catamaran and guided tour. You can relax in the Hawaiian sun with your family and friends on our charter. There is a limited time offer of 10% off, so book your adventure now and use code HOC10 when you check out!