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Sunset Cruise Waikiki, Oahu


Best Way To End The Day

Embark on a mesmerizing journey with our Waikiki Sunset Cruise, where the Pacific Ocean becomes a canvas for nature’s most stunning masterpiece. Choose from our private or shared tour options designed for comfort and optimal viewing of the breathtaking Waikiki sunset. As the sun gracefully descends, casting vibrant hues across the sky, experience the magic of this iconic moment from the best vantage point – the open sea.

Benefits of a Sunset Boat Cruise

Escape The Crowded Beaches

Waikiki is the most popular location on Oahu to watch the sunset dip into the sea. This means our beaches lining the coastline can get quite busy. Our sunset boat charters offer the ability to get off the crowded beach and experience the sunset on the peaceful offshore waters.

Option to Swim and Snorkel at Sunset

There is nothing quite as magical as swimming in our warm Hawaiian waters as the golden sunset shines throughout the ocean. Not required but highly recommended, guests have the option to jump in the water for a quick snorkel at our lively reefs or just take a swim. Our popular snorkel spots are very empty at sunset and escaping the crowd makes the sunset cruise one of our favorite times to snorkel at Turtle Canyon.

Enjoy Your Favorite Drinks

You are not allowed to drink alcohol on Waikiki Beach, but you are more than welcome to sip on your favorite beverages on our BYOB sunset cruises. Our boats are equipped with big iced down coolers for your own drinks along with cups and a marine bathroom for your convenience.
We also provide a variety of complementary local juices, sodas and waters on our tours.

Amazing Views and Photo Opportunities

Capture picture-perfect moments as the sun dips below the horizon, casting a golden glow on the ocean waves. Being offshore on a boat offers a unique perspective of the island of Oahu like you’ve never seen before. The Koolau mountain range sits high above the Honolulu skyline with the Diamond head state monument standing proud above the shore.
Waikiki’s Unique History

Our knowledgeable captains and crew will share about the history of Waikiki and the sight you will see along the way. Have questions about the ocean, wildlife, local recommendations or local conservation? Our crew is happy to share their knowledge and help you learn about Hawaii.

Safety and Comfort

Our experienced crew ensures a safe and enjoyable voyage, guiding you through the highlights of Waikiki’s coastal beauty. We know how to navigate Hawaii’s powerful ocean to offer you a smooth ride and visit the best spots. Lounge on comfortable seating, soak in the warm sea breeze, and witness the sky transform into a kaleidoscope of colors.

Indulge in complimentary refreshments and snacks on board, adding a touch of luxury to your evening. Whether you’re a couple seeking a romantic escapade, a group of friends celebrating, or a solo traveler craving a unique experience, our Waikiki Sunset Cruise promises an unforgettable adventure. Join us for an enchanting evening, where the beauty of the Hawaiian sunset is elevated from the deck of our catamaran, creating memories that will last a lifetime.