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Private Whale Watching Waikiki, Hawaii

Quick Details

Come explore Hawaii’s beautiful ocean in search of Humpback Whales. Enjoy views of the iconic south side of Oahu and snorkel if you like as you join our crew on a private catamaran cruise in Waikiki.

Private Charter 2 hour | All ages | Up to 6 people
Private Charter 3 hour | All ages | Up to 6 people
Private Charter 4 hour | All ages | Up to 6 people
More than 6 guests? Select a boat from our Partner Charter Boat Network

Experience whales up close on our private Waikiki whale watching tour!

Embark on a truly exclusive and intimate experience with a private whale watching cruise in Oahu. Glide through the pristine waters of the Pacific aboard your chartered 30 foot catamaran, where you and your group can enjoy uninterrupted views of humpback whales as they breach and play in their natural habitat. Come find them with us! Our knowledgeable crew will give you the best chance of finding these creatures.

With personalized attention from our knowledgeable guides, a private whale watching cruise in Oahu offers the flexibility to tailor the itinerary to your preferences. Whether it’s capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments on camera or delving deeper into the fascinating behaviors of these magnificent creatures, our private tours ensure an enriching and unforgettable encounter with Oahu’s awe-inspiring marine life. Snorkel time is also included and always a fun and memorable part of any cruise!

Escape the crowds and revel in the tranquility of the ocean as you witness these gentle giants, creating cherished memories with your loved ones on a private whale watching cruise that promises a truly immersive and magical adventure.