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Best Spot for Fireworks in Waikiki

Private Fireworks Catamaran Cruise

Waikiki is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and it’s easy to see why. The city has a beautiful setting, with sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and lush vegetation. It also has a lively atmosphere, with plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars to keep visitors entertained. One of the best things about Waikiki is that it goes out of its way to welcome tourists. One of the most popular attractions is the weekly fireworks show, which takes place every Friday night.

What Time Is The Waikiki Firework Show?

Launched in 1988 the fireworks are launched from a barge offshore at either 7:45 PM or 8:00 PM depending on the time of year and usually last about 3 to 5 minutes. They can be seen from anywhere along the Waikiki shoreline and are a great way to kick off the weekend. In addition to the fireworks, there are also live bands playing Hawaiian music, food vendors selling local specialties, and street performers entertaining the crowd. It’s a great way to experience some of the local cultures and make some new friends while enjoying a beautiful setting.

Of course, if you’re looking forward to the fireworks, it’s only logical that you want to find the best spot to enjoy them! With that in mind, below are some options you might consider for watching the fireworks.




Waikiki Beach

Because the fireworks are launched out over the water, Waikiki Beach offers a great view of the show. In addition, because the beach is located in the heart of Honolulu, it is easy to get to and there are plenty of restaurants and bars nearby for spectators. Hundreds of people gather on the sand to watch the vibrant display of colors light up the night sky, as the expanse of sand offers plenty of room for such a crowd.

Hilton Towers

The Hilton’s towers are a popular spot for fireworks viewing. Guests staying in various towers may have a bird’s eye view of the weekly fireworks depending on which way their windows face. Simply ask when making a reservation and the helpful staff will be happy to advise you on the best tower for fireworks viewing. The experience of seeing the vibrant display against the backdrop of the city skyline is truly unforgettable. So, be sure to ask about fireworks viewing when booking your stay at the Hilton. You won’t regret it!


The Ilikai Hotel is another great place to catch the fireworks show, with many of their rooms facing the water so you can watch from the privacy of your own room. If you’re wanting to pair the show with a nice meal, you could check out Sarento’s, a fine dining restaurant located on top of the hotel.

Mount Tantalus

If you’re the adventurous type, you might consider taking a hike up to the top of Mount Tantalus. Mount Tantalus is an extinct volcano with great views of Honolulu, including Waikiki Beach. If you decide to watch the fireworks from up here, be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to reach your destination for the best view!

Out on the Water

Since the fireworks are going out over the water, why stay on dry land to watch them? Consider taking a sunset cruise and extending your time on the water enough to take in the show. If you book a sunset cruise with a skilled local guide, they’ll know the best spots on the water to view the fireworks.

Reach Out to Hawaii Ocean Charters

While there are plenty of spots on land from which to view the display, seeing the fireworks from a boat offers a truly unique experience. Hawaii Ocean Charters provides an unforgettable way to enjoy the show, with a front-row seat to all the action. Our skilled captains navigate the waters off Waikiki Beach, ensuring that passengers have a safe and enjoyable experience. As an added bonus, Hawaii Ocean Charters also offers a sunset cruise, so you can enjoy the amazing sunset over the water before the fireworks light up the night sky. So if you’re looking for a fun and unique way to experience Waikiki’s weekly fireworks show, be sure to contact Hawaii Ocean Charters. We’re ready and waiting to help make your Waikiki vacation as memorable as possible.